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The Future of Automotive Industry.

It all began in late 2007 when Chevrolet held a press conference and discussed the concept of entering in electric automotive space and named their car Bolt, to be the pioneer. The concept took a long time to finally see the light of the day, between which, Tesla entered and took the market by storm.

Fast forward to 2018. The electric cars are no longer a part of concepts or fancy sci-fi movies. They’re there on road and if you’re to, believe me, they’re the need of the hour. By current pace of our consumption of natural resources, we’ll be living in a certain barren planet with no clean water, no petroleum etc. in a pitiable state, which humankind has never experienced. So how do we check the fall?

Transportation is the foremost reason for pollution. And it is time to check this and move onto a better alternative. With the advent of technologies available with the likes of Tesla, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and many others, we've got the solution to address the problem. But how can the technological advances educate the people about its benefits? The products are made to counter the problem but the product is not readily adopted and accepted by the mass population of the world. How can this be done?

We, at Apollo and Dionysus, are an innovative bunch of people. And as always, we have an innovative approach to address this issue. We figured out that the root cause of this problem of educating people is the relationship a customer has with the car dealer. This needs to be innovated and worked upon to make sure the customer has a look and feel of the future. So how do we do this?

Imagine this; you head to the car dealer to buy your car and you do two test drives - the normal way of driving out the car on the roads and then the Augmented Reality Boosted test drive wherein you can understand the performance of the car in different terrains. Not only this, but you’re able to understand the different technologies embed in the car and experience it before you make your final choice.

What if the dealer and the customers are so well connected that after sales service and health check-up of your car, never becomes a liability but an automated process? What if, all you ever have to worry about is just putting your seat-belts on and all the other hassles like insurance, emergency services notification and collision alert system make sure that you are never stuck in a remote location.

The future of technology is unfathomable. The unexplored domains which can be unraveled are countless. But with time, we need to make sure that we’re ready and prepped up for the ride. The technology of connectivity clubbed with a technology of automation, savored with Quick Response System (QRS) and garnished with an eco-friendly solution, can ensure that the future of transportation is rounded up and heading for a greener tomorrow.