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The Future of Education.

The number of Engineering Graduates being dispensed by our Education System is 1.5 million. Out of these, less than 20% get the job which can be considered worthy of their expense in education. Similarly, around 1.8 million are graduated from other streams across the country. Their ratio of being placed is far worse. This stumbles us on the basic question, why is the state of education so horrendous throughout the country? Are we striving to progress in every domain, but lagging miles behind in giving our youngsters a quality education? Shouldn’t quality education be a fundamental right of an individual; one which equips him for all the challenges of the modern world?

The first thing to understand is the what ‘Quality Education’ actually means. Quality education is not just imparting knowledge, but it is imparting knowledge which is not outdated and most importantly, not theory-driven. Lack of practical knowledge and an outdated education system is not just costing us the future of millions of youth but also negatively impacting our Per-Capita Income.

So where are we going wrong? Is it the education imparted in School or the College? Is it the way our study material is designed or is it the way it is imparted to the curious minds? We, at Apollo & Dionysus, feel that the whole system is to be redesigned, reinvented and restructured to not just address the issues of the present, but also equip the young to face any challenges of the future.

So how do we do this? Simple; By using the tools and technology present today to shape the tomorrow. Let’s imagine a scenario. What if, we start using tools of Analytics to analyze the behavior and inclination of a student from as early as his mid-schooling days? What if, we start nurturing the student based on his inclination, instead of the curriculum? This will make sure that the student interested in ‘Moons and Stars’ is not pushed into finesse of William Shakespeare's language; a prodigy in physics is not just left hanging at the door of an engineering college. We, at Apollo & Dionysus, believes that every child, if guided in the right direction, is a genius in his field of interest. But, ironically and unfortunately, this world differs with our belief. Everyone wants their child to be “Jack of all Trades” and they easily forget that “Jack was master of none” !!

But then, the blame shouldn’t be restricted to our Schools. Yes, Schools play an important role in shaping the child but the Colleges play an equally important part. But are they doing justice to the faith of millions? Sadly no! Millions of engineers and post-graduates can vouch for the injustice done not just with their career but also with their life. We use the word ‘injustice’ as Colleges are not only killing the inquisitiveness of individual minds, but also nurturing them under the umbrella of fear, of ‘probable job offer’, if, and only if, they succumb to the process of destroying their genius! Sheer tragedy.

It is high time that drastic steps should be taken to understand what the real-world challenges are and how can they be best dealt by imparting education in a practical manner. Every student should be given an option to build his own course, compile his own credits as per his profile analyzed at the school level and give them a platform to achieve greatness. We feel that greatness is nothing but work done with heart and mind in perfect harmony. Unfortunately, our current education system is killing this harmony and replacing it with a disguised plague of hierarchical disorder!

So what does Apollo & Dionysus has to offer? We, humbly, offer our technological and analytical prowess to restructure the meaning of education in our country. We have the best tools, best brains and an out-of-box approach to every problem and we firmly believe that it is high time that the education system requires a shape-up and we’re up for the challenge. India is proudly called as ‘Youngistaan’ and now, it is time to equip our youth with best possible means to challenge the future.