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The Future of Politics.

Divide and Rule!

The phrase, first coined by the ruling British Empire, is now, often used in practice by almost all the Political Parties. Whether it’s the division by caste, religion or region, today’s political parties have left no stone unturned in extracting the meanest meaning and exploiting the sentiments of the general public. Is it because of lack of public awareness or it is due to the fact that, political parties are not able to understand the issues of the general public to act and satiate, instead of resorting to the general thumb rule of ‘Divide and Rule’.

So what is the root cause analysis of the inherent problem? There are two aspects to this; Looking through the Political parties’ perspectives, they neither have the mass level data of the public and their problems nor the means to address them. On the other hand, from the general public’s perspectives, they don’t have a clear idea of the Political Parties’ Election Manifestos so as to take a pragmatic decision of choosing the right candidate. We, at Apollo & Dionysus, explored both the sides of the coin and came up with the following conclusion.

Politics, especially in India, is more about riding on the emotions of the public. By addressing few generic points such as Job Creation, Agriculture Subsidy, Basic amenities etc. a majority of the highly famed Political Parties frame their Election Manifesto and do their best to woo the voting population. But, what if these Political Parties are provided with the data of each constituency/district, their demographics, age groups, the rate of employment, the rate of literacy and many such insights? Won’t it lead to a better understanding of the condition of the public, their major problems and will give them an opportunity to address the problems via the Manifesto, thereby, not only instilling a vote of confidence amongst the voting class but also giving them a promise of change and good governance? This way, data, and analytics can change the future of Politics.

From the voters’ perspective, the picture is far gloomier. As per the data released by the Election Commission of India, 62% of rural voters are illiterate. As such, the idea of understanding the Election Manifestos of various Political parties and then taking a voting decision, which will improve their future and address their problems, is a distant possibility. In such areas, the majority of the votes are cast due to the popularity of the Election Candidate and due to the word-of-mouth publicity. However, if the general public is educated by the means of a video or by conducting public seminars and explaining the manifestoes of the political parties can really help in taking an educated and practical decision in voting.

We, at Apollo & Dionysus, believe that with the advent of a more connected world, it is time to reshape the election process of the Biggest Democracy of the World. We not only know how to extract meaningful information from data using our various Data Analytics tools but also have the expertise and experience to draw out worth conclusions, which will restructure the dynamics of the election process and thus, Politics!