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The Future of Renewable Energy.

Few highlights of the time till now:

  • Delhi is named as the most polluted capital city in the world.

  • Cape Town is on verge of depleting its natural water resource.

  • Wildfire, which was once an occurrence in years, is now a common phenomenon.

  • Global temperature continues to rise and glaciers continue to melt.

  • And many more.

The world is moving at a frenzied pace. But at the same time, we are being less considerate of what is actually important to us. Just because the results are gradual, we hardly pay any attention. But the signs are a drastic indication that things will have to change. And change fast, if human survival is concerned.

So, what is the alternative? Should we head back to the Stone Age? Or should we wait for the post-apocalyptic era to start acting in accord with nature? We, at Apollo & Dionysus, thought about this impending problem and came up with the following possibilities:

Adapting renewable sources of energy: The Sun that is killing us is also giving us a way to adapt. The solar energy is abundant, clean and can be tapped to solve the electricity woes of the world. Imagine every rooftop equipped with Solar Panels creating at least enough energy to sustain its consumption. This is no fairy tale or a hypothesis. Last year, Germany, showed the world that this can be achieved! For the first time in the history of mankind, a country paid its inhabitants to use electricity as it’s creation from renewable sources exceeded the consumption. The Germans, once again, after giving the world Audi and Mercedes, presented the world with another way of excellence.

But why restrict ourselves to Solar? After all, not every place of Earth get abundant sunlight throughout. That’s why depending completely on Solar will not be a practical approach. But harnessing Solar and other forces of nature like, Wind and Water can definitely solve this problem worldwide.

Cutting down on Pollutants: We are overly dependent on machines which keep adding to the pollution levels; viz. Cars, Factories, Aeroplanes etc. But it’s time to make the big leap and switch their way of functioning. Electric cars were first publically showcased in the late 2000s and in last decade, though they’ve spread, sadly, not spread enough. The infrastructure required for their smooth running is still not developed by many countries, due to which the whole mankind is paying the price. Similarly, factories can be made completely fossil free by switching to the electric furnace and so can Aeroplanes. Facebook tested Aquila, solar powered internet beaming plane, that successfully circumferenced the earth just on Solar energy. If they can do it for beaming connectivity across the globe, it can certainly be done for transporting people!

Adapting a green way of life: We all know about Carbon Credits given to countries and organization. What if the same Carbon Credit, at a minuscule level, is given to households; and depending upon their utilization/saving, some taxation penalty/relief can be awarded. The initiative might be mass ridiculed at first, but, once the people are made aware of the long-term benefit, the idea will be gladly accepted.

Apollo & Dionysus is born with such out-of-the-box ideas which have the power to restructure the whole world. We believe that it’s never too late to start afresh. And with the current dire predicament, the world is facing, we believe, such a thought, such spark can change everything!