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The Future of Sports Industry

Let's have a big round of applause for all the athletes and their determination, that let India shine in the medal tally of 2018 Commonwealth Games at number three. Affinity towards sports and fitness in the Indian subcontinent is increasing at a rapid rate. But then, the affinity for sports was always there; just not supported by the infrastructure to propel it in the right direction. With this pace, we can dare to dream of the day, when Indian team will lift the FIFA trophy or any other coveted trophy in respective sports.

What has brought this drastic change in the sports industry? Sports was always considered as a synonym to Cricket in India, so how has the canvas changed so rapidly? Who would all benefit out of this growing Audience Space?

The answer to all the above introspective questions is the dream of few daring individuals who, against all odds, created and walked on the road, which no one before dared to tread on. Everyone starting from manufacturer to organizer and service provider, who started the phenomenal change, are sitting on a diamond mine. They just need a push and they would be ready to unleash the potential of millions of children, who’re waiting to come out of their cocoon and fly across the horizon.

One such daring individual Mr. Satyam Agarwal, founder of Smashtress has explicitly proved that impossible does not exist against determination and hard work. Just follow the stats below to get more clarity on achievements of Smashtress.

  • Number of operational years = 5+ years.

  • Sports infrastructure developed = 50,000+ square meter.

  • Number of Sports Enthusiasts engaged = 5000+

  • Number of Matches Organised, Cricket = 2000+, Football = 500+, Badminton = 1500+, Basketball = 200+

  • Number of Leagues/Tournaments/Events Organised = 200+

  • Number of Runs Scored = 4,00,000+

  • Number of Balls Bowled = 4,80,000+

  • Number of Cricket Ball used = 5000+

  • Number of Sports Referee/Umpire/Event Manager engaged =100+

Smashtress as a company, heavily rely on technology and automation to streamline audience journey and capture audience space unconquered. Smashtress is famous for setting trends and benchmarks leaving the competition irrelevant.

The above number clearly states the amount of potential, the Sports Industry buries. With sharp analytics and digitally equipped Branding Strategy any Blue Ocean Space(Emerging Markets) can be easily captured. Apollo & Dionysus is ready for challenge and help our clients from diverse sports space to mould there business model for future.