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The Future of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

Everyone has been talking about the problem. We at Apollo & Dionysus took a step forward and tried dissecting road to 2019 Lok Sabha election which concludes at Big Data. We mixed some meaningful numbers that we gathered from our research on the audience affinity. We then categorised audience concerns which are most impactful and affect widespread audience across the nation. Also, we categorised Constituency vide audience concerns which have to be addressed by Contestant as a part of tailor-made Manifesto. So let’s sneak peek before it is implemented.

The most important Audience in 2019 Lok Sabha election is Millennials(Born between the year 1981 to 2001). This set of Audience is considered to be heavily penetrated with the Internet and the Internet channels will be the most crucial among all channels to target this set of Audience. Millennials account for 46% of the total voters participating in 2019 Lok Sabha election and can make or break these elections.

The Political Party with the clearest roadmap will win 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The Political Party that will release the list of contestants first would take a substantial lead and would have the highest affinity of winning 2019 Lok Sabha elections. This would help Millennials, access the portfolio of the candidate in much detailed manner. The Political Party that releases candidate lists last clearly depict of their confused state and would clearly tip-off Millennials about corruption in ticket distribution.

The Political Party who list the issues which majorly impact Indian mainland in their manifesto will win 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The Political Party with National Manifesto clearly depicting the below-mentioned themes will win the election.

  • Employment(Economy boost at stable pace with opportunities emerging for Millennials)

  • Inflation(Cost control of essentials(i.e. food, water, shelter, medical & healthcare services))

  • Population(Implementation of one child policy & decentralisation of development).

  • Pollution(Enough of Green, White & Industrial revolutions it is high time for clean revolution)

  • Education(Teacher training & up skilling with latest trends to meet the talent criterion of the hour)

  • Women(Female Foeticide, Pay Imbalance, Equal right in Ancestral Property)

The above-listed problems are well known to Millenials. The main thing an Audience would be concerned would be the solution to the above problems, implementation strategies and deadlines for completion.

The Manifesto’s specially meant for Constituency has to be made tailor cut to address concerns bothering people in that constituency. Please have a look at following examples for better understanding. A constituency in Delhi might have problems like Traffic management, Illegal parking, pollution where else another constituency in Delhi might be struggling with Clean Water, Poor Healthcare & Medical Services.

The Political Parties aiming for 2019 Lok Sabha Election have to be sharp on audience analytics and brand management to score high or else key audience of 2019 Lok Sabha would slip to competitor or NOTA. Apollo & Dionysus is ready to help you outshine competition by helping you connect with right Audience and building sustainable Political Manifesto.

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