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The Future of Wealth Management

Effectively carry out your wealth management to ensure a solid financial future! It would not be wrong to say that improper asset allocation is probably the most significant impediment in the creation of wealth. Wealth inequality is on the rise today and is consistently soaring. In addition to that, being unaware of your own assets, under or over maintenance, improper operation, improper risk management and sub-optimized management systems of assets are other significant risks to effective wealth management. In today’s day and age, if you are managing your wealth improperly, chances of you going bust are high. If statistics are to be believed, the richest 1% is expected to own at least 2/3rd of global wealth by 2030. Wealth distribution (or should we say the lack of it) can easily be called the defining problem of our age. This kind of inequality has been the cause of revolts and revolutions in the past. And unless you do something to fix it, history will likely repeat itself.

The wealth management industry in India faces countless challenges today. There are dozens of issues related to wealth management that need our immediate attention. These issues need to be addressed in order to ensure the financial well-being of everyone around the world. If we wish to grow, preserve and protect our wealth, transfer our excess wealth while we live and pass on our wealth through our estate when we die, it is essential to take note of these complex wealth management issues.

Firstly, investments are a real cause of concern as it is common to see working individuals ignoring risk management where asset allocation is concerned. Investment strategies need to be embraced in order to make sure that you are able to preserve and build your wealth in the long run effectively. Secondly, it is imperative to consider investing in a comprehensive investment plan as this is another pertinent issue toward effectively managing your wealth today. Individuals also have a tendency of ignoring the management of liabilities in addition to spending their time and energy on developing their assets. Besides all these vital issues, wealth management is also influenced by factors such as business succession planning, stock options, qualified IRA coordination/retirement plan, durable power of attorney and titling of assets, etc.

Before we jump to the solutions, it is crucial to take note of the fact that wealth management need not be so difficult a task. If you follow certain protocols and rules during your lifetime, it is pretty straightforward to manage your assets and wealth in the future. The first step to managing your wealth is to realize that your ability to happily enjoy the kind of lifestyle you want or currently lead is profoundly correlated to your ability to preserve and build your wealth effectively. It is necessary to seek professional assistance in this regard in order to evaluate and determine your asset allocation as well as perform thorough risk management. In addition to that, if you have worked extremely hard, invested and saved wisely in order to get where you now are in your life, it is important to invest in a comprehensive insurance plan, keeping in mind everything that is at stake. This is critical for preserving your future holdings and current assets. In the same vein, it is pertinent for you to spend as much time managing liabilities as developing your assets. Also, people usually overlook the titling of assets which is an essential step to an all-inclusive estate plan. If you do not undertake this task properly, you could potentially expose all your loved ones to transfer and tax issues.

Therefore, the key is in identifying the most pressing issues that are relevant to you vis-à-vis wealth management and then prioritizing and addressing those issues. Always take a highly disciplined approach to manage your wealth to avoid risks in the future. We, at Apollo and Dionysus, are an innovative bunch of people who have an innovative approach to address this issue. Apollo & Dionysus, feel that the whole system is to be redesigned, reinvented and restructured to not just address the issues of the present, but also equip the young to face any challenges of the future.

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